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Russian orthopedic seat - innovative posture corrector

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Everyone knows that movement is life.
But what to do if you have to spend most of your time sitting without movement (working at the desk)?

Logical answer would be: you have to move at sitting.
Is it possible? Yes! )))

Check this unique innovative orthopedic seat - posture corrector invented by Russian scientist Vladimir Tolstunov (RF Patent # 2276571 - see details below)

What a great solution to modern days people back spine problems- true holistic approach!
Please watch the video to see how it works:

It is relevant for adults and children and is famous for its healing effects:
* back pain relief
* stress level reduction
* posture correction
* spine flexibility and strength restoration
* headache relief
* P.M.S. pain relief
* partial restoration of eyesight
* improvement of sleep, mood and overall health

We offer 2 modifications of Orthopedic seat - posture corrector:
Spine-Ok - suitable both for adults and children and
3D-seat - designed specifically for children

Click on the link to place an order: http://ecominded.net/body-mind.html

An excerption (in English) from the Russian Federation patent # 2276571