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Mumijo, 50 g

Natural mountain tar, purified
Description Mumijo, mumiyo, shilajit, mineral tar, mineral pitch, mountain balsam (mumijo is an organic resinous substance found at high altitudes in Altaj and Pamir regions and used in alternative medicine to treat a variety of diseases. It is a dark brown or black tarry deposit in rock crevices and caves.)
It has bitter taste and specific scent.

Since ancient times mumijo has been known to enhance regenerative processes in different organs and tissues and was used as an anti-inflammatory and antitoxic agent, as well as for general health improvement.

Mumijo helps to significantly improve the condition of different organs in case of:
- fractures, injuries, burns, sprains, stretch marks on the skin after childbirth; 
- changes on the skin, psoriasis, acne, boils; 
- adverse changes of digestive organs and the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, bleeding, constipation, hemorrhoids); 
- inflammatory and infectious processes of the genitourinary organs, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, urolithiasis, diseases of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder;
- adverse changes of cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, atherosclerotic changes, varicose veins; 
- diabetes and related complications, allergies, metabolic disorders, overweight; 
- arthritis, salt deposition, gout, neuralgia, neuritis, neurodermatitis, polio, radiculitis, rheumatism, oncological changes; 
- frequent colds and infectious diseases.

Suggested use: 
Intake: take 0.5-1 scoop 
(250 mg) per day with food, by sucking it in the mouth. The duration of treatment is 3-4 weeks. It is recommended to conduct 4 courses per year.
For gargling: Dissolve 1 scoop of mumijo in 200 ml of warm boiled water, use as a gargle 3 times 60 ml per day. Gargle course - 7 days. Use gargle if necessary (sore throat, swelling, etc.). Gargle solution can be used externally - with hair loss, as a cleansing tonic for the skin of the face, body, hands.
Externally in the form of masks, rubbing and compresses: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of mumijo in 50 ml of warm boiled water until a homogeneous pulp is obtained. Use for rubbing with pain in the back, joints, muscles, with venous pain, with skin diseases. Pulp can be used as a compress for severe pains, while putting pulp on a gauze bandage, attach it to the painful area for 2 hours, then rinse with water. Rubbing and compresses are recommended to apply 3 times a week. Course - 1 month. It is recommended to apply 4 courses per year.

Read more about it in Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shilajit

A good article about healing properties of Mumijo: http://www.naturalelixir.com/mumijo.html


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