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Turn your home into a living sanctuary

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  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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* living in a house that costs you nothing to heat or cool
* building this home together with your family or friends
* growing vegetables and fruits all year around in this home
* no utility bills
* harvesting, storing & filtering rain whilst reusing waste water 7x
* easily available "limitless natural resources" to build this home
* a more earth-friendly civilisation

My friend Alosha Lynov is an eco engineer, inventor, builder and teacher who gets his inspiration from Nature.

After 10 years he has finally completed his Living Eco Home training which practically teaches anyone how to build an eco home that harvests, stores and filters rain whilst reusing it's waste water 7x over

As a precursor to the training Alosha is running a complimentary webinar on:

* How to build a constructed wetland to treat your waste water
* How to heat and cool your home without buying fuel
* Electro Magnetic Radiation and invisible geopathic stress zones
* How various shapes affect our health and wellbeing
* Eco communities - the only way for a thriving humanity

You can join the webinar here